January 2024
Added remote RMT-235 for the SL-200ME and new images.
February 2024
New model added: SL-P20ME Super Beta Player - PAL/SECAM.
New model added: SL-F35
March 2024
Improvements to many model images (now 400px width).
New images for the Sony Cameras BMC-100, BMC-200, BMC-500.
New images for the Sanyo VTC-M20.
New model added: SL-T6ME / SL-T6PS.
New model added: SL-30ME.
New images for the Sanyo VRC 100P camera.
April 2024
Added tape remainder animation to the Sanyo VTC-NX30.
Improved page layouts on the repair and parts guides (better on mobile).


June 2023
Added a template for a VTC-6500 function button membrane.
September 2023
Add EMI, Kodak, Memorex and Scotch tapes to the tape gallery.
Add second KR5 Sony servicing tape to the servicing tape gallery.
Add rare Rising Damp Promo tape to the servicing tape gallery.
Update the tape page with the Rising Damp Promo tape.
Update the tape page with all new images and layout Tapes Page.
Update the directory page with archive links to services that are no longer available.
October 2023
New model added: Sanyo VTC-5005. Thanks go to Llan Uriel & Brendan Coulson for the images.
Added details of the Karaoke version of the SL-HF77K.


March 2022
Added Molgar spare parts listing to the Spanish section in the directory.
April 2022
Remote control RMT-226 added to the remotes gallery.
New model added: Sanyo VTC-NX30, thanks go to Tim for the images.
Add a wrapped Sony L-750 HG tape to the tape gallery.
November 2022
Correct the BMC-100 and BMC-200 specification pages.


March 2021
Improved repair centre formatting for mobile devices
Added RMT-220, RMT-222, RM-81 and RMT-124 remotes to the remote gallery
New model added: SL-C80
New model added: SL-HF300
Improvements to the menu bars on all pages
April 2021
The whole of Betamax PALsite is now formatted better on mobile or small browsers.
SL-C9 side loading gear fix added
New model added: SL-C34
May 2021
New and improved Betamax tape galleries
Make added next to the year on all the model pages
The Betamax video gallery is now ordered by make and year
New remote VRM-60 added for the Sanyo VTC-6500
July 2021
More tapes added to the Betamax tape galleries
October 2021
The Technical centre menu bar is now grouped by make
November 2021
Toshiba V-8600 updated and V-8700 added
Sanyo VTC-5350 model added
NEC PVC-2300 model added
Sony PCM-701ES digital audio processor added


October 2019
Updates for the SL-C30, SL-C35, SL-F30, SL-F60 , SL-HF100 and the SL-HF150 for fixing a broken loading gear. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
November 2019
V5470 - Added a youtube repair video from Colin McCormick.


December 2017
SL-C40E PDF brochure added


February 2015
New Betamax chat page launched


January 2014
Updated SL-C6ES - new images. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
March 2014
Updated SL-T50ME - new images of the plastic magnet cover. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
April 2014
New SL-F1 TV wiring diagrams added.
December 2014
New RMT-423 & RMT-131 remotes added to the remotes gallery.


May 2013
New Beta-Lore article - Betamax Tape Damage.
November 2013
Updated the Hall Effect head motor page.


August 2012
Improvements to the model pages to work faster and better on IE and Android devices.
New images added for the SL-200 dual system model. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.


January 2011
Gear fix solution added to the SL-F30, SL-F60, SL-HF150 and the SL-HF150. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
March 2011
Sanyo VTT5800 companion tuner unit for the VPR5800 picture added.


January 2010
Added the VTC-NX100 specification page, a new image and a model comparison table. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New images added for the SL-C9, VTC-5000.
Black SL-C9ES images added for the overview and tech pages. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
The thumbnail model view has been updated and upsized.
Images updated for the SL-HF77, SL-HF150, SL-F30, SL-HF950, SL-C40, VTC-M20, SL-C30, SL-T7, SL-T50 and the SL-800ME. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New images added for the Betamax features page.
February 2010
New unit added, the PCM-F1. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New models added, the Titan VCR 2000, the Sony SL-T30 and the Sony SL-S2000. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
Updated repair information for Sony head motors / hall effect sensors.
More image updates for the SL-F30 and the V-5470.
April 2010
New images added for the SL-F60. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
Updated fix for the SL-HF950 reel rotation problem. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
May 2010
New advertising brochure images added for the VTC-M20, VTC-M30, VTC-M40 and the VTC-NX100. Thanks go to Kevin Lambert.
New model added, the Sony SL-T9. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
RMT-212 and other remotes added to the SL-C9 accessories page.
New model added, the Toshiba V-5250. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New images added for the SLO-1700.
June 2010
New model added, the Sony SLO-420P. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New images added for the VTC-5150.
September 2010
New images added for the SL-F1. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
October 2010
New models added, the Sony SL-C35 and the Toshiba V-51. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New models added, two V-31 clones, the Titan VCR2400 and the General VG-240A. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New images added for the VRC 100P Sanyo Betamovie camera. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New model added, the Toshiba V-9680. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
November 2010
New accessories added for the SL-F1. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
Major problems with the chat pages... ongoing.
December 2010
Updated the SL-C7 RMT-200 remote image. Click to enlarge it.
More images for the Toshiba V-9680. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
New images for the Toshiba V-9600. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.


December 2009
Added the VTC-M30 specification page added and an image of the remote control. Thanks go to Noel Higgins.
Images updated for the VTC-40 and VTC-M50 models Thanks go to Noel Higgins.


July 2006
There have been problems with www.chat-page.com being regularly attacked by bots, as a result the domain has had to be suspended. The .co.uk version though is still up and running as usual.
Chat page front end has been added. This is hoped to eventually replace the other site.
Quick fault submissions on the technical pages can now be made by all visitors to the site.
Sanyo VTC-5000 TV advert - in DivX format.
A new technical centre has been added bringing together all the model tech pages.


November 2004
New tape photographs added to the picture gallery.


August 2003
Beta-lore articles re-indexed according to submission date.
September 2003
New NEC model added PVC764. Thanks go to Sebastian Balzer.
New Sanyo model added VTC-6000. Thanks go to Marek Gorecki.
New Universum model added VTR10300. Thanks go to Sebastian Balzer.
Updated images added to the SL-HF100. Thanks go to Sebastian Balzer.


January 2002
Updated M30. New pictures.Thanks go to John Parkin.
New VTC-M50 Hifi model.


January 2001
New Beta-Lore article.
March 2001
New Beta-Lore articles.
Updated Models page.
June 2001
Advertising fly sheets for the VTC-5000 and VTC-6500 from Mark Fountain.
August 2001
The URL of the Betamax Chat Page has changed to http://www.palsite.com/chat_page.py?site=Betamax
VTC-M30 model added. Thanks go to Graham Pullman.
November 2001
Updated DCDC repair information. Thanks go to Terry Magee and John Rowing.


May 2000
More work behind the scenes completed. PALsite now hosted on a different server.
July 2000
Update the SL-C9 tech page.
August 2000
Fix for a number of broken links on the site.
October 2000
Added Pro-X tape info. Thanks go to Colin McCormick for the images.


January 1999
Another Beta-Lore submission.
... and another.
February 1999
Sanyo VTC-5150pages uploaded. Many thanks to Colin McCormick for providing information and pictures.
SonySL-HF300 page added - Thanks to Marcus Voyles for information and pictures.
Another Beta-Lore article.
March 1999
Comprehensive head parts for all Sony models
A new Beta-Lore article.
More repair centre pages - heads, upper drum, erase head, back tension tape.
Glossary updated with more links and entries.
May 1999
SL-8000 technical info for converting mains voltages.
June 1999
More entries added to the directory page.
Auction and classifieds web pages now also added to the directory page. Classification labels are now also shown.
July 1999
Two new Beta-Lore articles.
New Betamax Votes Page.
September 1999
Comprehensive Sony pinch rollers and remote control parts lists for almost all Betamax models.
A new addition to the Betamax Web-ring: Welcome Greo Greg Kimnach
October 1999
Minor updates and fixes to some pages. Include some missing part numbers.
November 1999
Comprehensive Sony belts parts lists for almost all Betamax models.


January 1998
SLC9 overview updated
Repair guide updated
Betamax features guide added
February 1998
Updated Gallery Pages including tape pages and a thumbnail gallery
Tape page overhall.
A2Z index page added.
Model overviews added for Sony, Sanyo and Toshiba,
March 1998
Updated the puzzle index page.
Connector pages updated.
More video models added.
More pictures added to the tape gallery.
Stunning Betamax parts and spares pictures added.
April 1998
2/4/98 - Betamax Article published in the New York Times featuring PALsite.
"Also Loving And Losing: Betamax Fans"
PALsite is one year old! Happy Birthday.
Toshiba V33 model pages added.
May 1998
Lugosi's VCR site joins the Betamax WebRing
PALsite press-release sent out to comemorate one year at ElektraTec.
Updated SLO-1700 overview and technical pages.
Updated site banners.
New indicators added to the models.
New NEC gallery started.
Video galleries updated with new models.
June 1998
4/6/98 - Entry on PALsite (Elektratec) published in 'Netlife' in the Electronic Telegraph (UK).
"The old ones are the best"
Pre-recored tapes for sale page expanded.
PALsite mailing list created.
Sony Betamax through the ages added.
Entry on PALsite published in the "Television" trade magagzine (UK).
July 1998
Remote control gallery added.
Electronic Telegraph entry added.
More tapes for sale.
August 1998
Beta Lore pages moved to PALsite.
Entry on PALsite published in '.net' magazine's August issue (page 20).
Glossary page split into smaller pages.
Sony SL-T7 model added. Sanyo VTC-M20 pages updated.
Nice pictures gallery updated.
September 1998
Repair Centre added with 24 new pages.
More tape images added.
October 1998
Sanyo VRC 100P pages uploaded.
More tapes for sale.
December 1998
This month saw a major change for PALsite which moved to it's own domain and became www.PALsite.com and www.PALsite.org. This site is now hosted on it's own virtual server and we hope to tap in to the advantages of the new server and improve PALsite over the coming months.
A couple of interactive pages created: Tell PALsite why Betamax is better? and Tell PALsite what VHS Stands for?.
Even more tapes for sale.
A new Beta-Lore submission
V2000 PALsite launched. This brand new PALsite is dedicated to the Philips V2000 video format.


April 1997
PALsite first went on line with information about 4 models.
May 1997
Relocated to http://www.PALsite.com
June-July 1997
More model listings added, the technical pages expanded and picture gallery created.
Betamax Web-Ring created with PALsite as a founding member.
August 1997
New Home Page design introduced. PALsite now has information on over 30 different European models.
September 1997
Beta Glossary introduced.
October 1997
The British Amateur Television Club magazine CQ-TV publishes an article about PALsite.
November 1997
PALsite Puzzle Pages go online.
December 1997
Glossary and Puzzle pages backgrounds added.
Format and About PALsite pages uploaded.
More terms added to Glossary page.