Sony 1984
Betamax SL-F35

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SL-F35 Front View
SL-F35 Front view

SL-F35 Service manual
Service manual (differences to SL-F30)

The SL-F35 is almost identical to the SL-F30PS. The service manual simply highlights all of the differences and points to the other service manual.

The most distinguishable feature of this machine is its height. At only 8 cm it's one of the slimmest Betamax machines. In order to get this height, the individual channel selection buttons have been sacrificed in favour of up and down buttons. Another nice feature is the transparent hole in the lid to allow viewing of the video cassette.

The SL-F35 came in gray, unlike the SL-F30 which had other colours.

Tape Counter

The tape counter on this unit can be read as a real time counter, see how.

Features include:

  • Wireless full function remote control
  • 80mm ultra slim line design
  • Picture search/skip scan
  • 6 auto functions
  • Quick timer
  • PAL/SECAM support