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  • Quick fault guides - fancy sharing a solution to a fault?
    Automatic submissions now available on the technical page of all models
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    All the model's technical pages in one place
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    All of PALsite's chat pages in one place
  • PCM-F1
    Details of the SL-F1's digital audio partner
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    Log of updates to the site
  • Betamax PALs
    Site Guest Book - tell us about you and your Betamax
  • Book of condolence
    Production finally ceased in 2002. PALsite has created a condolence book for those wishing to leave their thoughts on the passing of this much loved format
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Format, overview, specifications, technical and accessory information on over 40 different models

Betamax chat page
Trade and repair Betamax or just talk with other Betamax enthusiasts

Beta Lore
True Stories of man and machine. New submissions always welcome

Beta glossary
A-Z of video terms
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Links to other Betamax websites.
Betamax puzzles
A few Betamax related puzzles.
A list of contacts that supply Betamax merchandise
The galleries
Nine different themed galleries containing many pictures
Repair centre
Advice on maintaining and repairing Betamax machines
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