Toshiba 1983
Betamax V-9680

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Toshiba V-9680 Betamax controls
Front controls

Toshiba V-9680 Betamax tuner controls
Tuner controls

The Toshiba V-9680 was an upgrade from the V-9600 model. Its main feature being that it was a multi-system unit offering PAL / SECAM and NTSC4.43. Like its predecessor the V-9600, it was a fairly basic looking front loading VCR.

The V-9680 was on sale at the same time as the Sanyo VTC-5000 and the Sony SL-C6.

Internally it still relied on a belt drive mechanism and cosmetically it looked like it was built like a brick. Still it did have a multi-event timer which was something it's competitors didn't offer. If you pick up one of these machines today then they are probably worth getting going as spares are still available.

Features include:

  • 14 day, 8 programme timer
  • Auto find
  • Dew sensor
  • Audio dub
  • Multi system PAL/SECAM/NTSC 4.43
  • 12 channel selectors
  • Front MIC input
  • TV/VTR selector