The Toshiba V5470 was unique in having a Liquid Crystal Display LCD for the tape counter. It also had Cue/Review and pause modes and came with a wired remote control.
The Toshiba V-8600 claimed to be the first third generation VCR. It was the first model to use four video heads (compared to two heads as used be all models before). These four heads gave the VCR a superior pause mode, with virtually no noise on picture, and an excellent slow speed playback mode also with very little noise.
The Toshiba V-8700 was identical to the V-8600 but with a wireless remote control.
The Toshiba V-9600 is a basic front loading VCR. Released at the same time as the VTC-5000 and the SL-C6 and was out ranked by both. A heavily built machine with a multi-event timer.
The Toshiba V-31 was a nice looking front loading VCR. It was in competition with the Sony SL-C7 and Sanyo VTC-5000. The V-31 was produced in silver and was quite a heavy VCR, it did not have a perfect still frame but did offer remote control and a multi-event timer.
Super Beta
Linear stereo
Beta noise reduction
Hi-Fi Stereo
Automatic picture search