Ownership at first sight

Marcus Voyles

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Current Beta Machines: Sony SL-HF300, Sanyo VCR6400

Back a while ago, I was in the local Goodwill with my dad, and I saw five Betamax tapes. At first I had no clue what they were. I asked him andhe told me they were for a Betamax. The search began.

I then told him I wanted one. He just said 'No'. He being 50 and me being 11 didn't help much. Still I pursued my search. Then I found a Sanyo in mint condition at a yard sale. My father, hating Beta and Sanyo, said no again. Then luck hit me a year later.

Last year, in 1998, I found a Sony SL-HF300 for one dollar. Finally, my dad figured 'Hey! his mistake!' and let me buy it. I took it home and I've never had a problem with it.

Then, at another sale, I found a Sanyo VCR6400 for $5 which barely rewound. I bought for $3 it and still use it today!

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Submitted Wed,13 Jan 1999 02:28:11 GMT