Sanyo 1985
Betamax VTC-NX30

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Tape remainder indicator

Flap controls

The Sanyo VTC-NX30 is a rarely seen mono front loader. It is nearly identical to the VTC-M30 which is silver.

The unit featured a colour still frame and slow motion at 1/5 and 1/10 play speeds. There were also independent tracking control knobs for both slow and normal play (see also the SLC9).

Released too late to combat the Sony C9, and near the end of Beta popularity, it features a tape remainder indicator on the front in the shape of a tape cassette.

The remote for the NX30, M30 and the VTC-6500 were identical in size but the M30 and NX30 had slow motion at 1/10th and 1/5th and frame advance buttons added. The remote control for the M20, M40 and M50 were identical in size (smaller than the M30, 6500) and were also coloured for the respective VCR's colour which they were sold with (black or pewter grey).

The machine used three heads. The NX30 does not have any type of audio/video dubbing or erase head. The third head is used for a clean 'still frame' and 'slow motion/frame advance' only. The NX30's picture quality is also somewhat sharper than the lesser priced Sanyo's in the 'M' series.

It has an 8 event 14 day timer. The tuner allowed 12 channel presets. It also features 'voltage synthesised tuning'. There is one thumb wheel to tune in with and the received channels are stored in the NX30's memory.

Features included:

  • Front loading
  • 14 day 8 programme timer
  • 12 function infra-red remote control
  • Colour picture search
  • Freeze frame
  • 24 hour clock
  • Digital tape counter with memory
  • 12 channel tuner
  • Soft touch controls
  • Dew protection
  • Clear still picture and picture search
  • 2-speed slow motion
  • Frame by frame advance
  • Tape remaining indicator

Thanks to Tim for the images on this model.