Sanyo 1984
Betamax VTC-M40

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Clock/counter controls

Timer programming

Tuning controls

The Sanyo VTC-M40 is a Front loader with Beta Hi-fi Stereo sound, and mono linear soundtrack for compatibility. Incorporating manual and automatic record levels controls with V.U meters. 80db dynamic range, a 14 day 8 event timer with "record from now" quick timer. IR. Remote control for deck functions and channel change.

All of the above is quite good, even today. But against the machine were: Only basic freeze-frame, no slow-motion or frame advance.

It's also worth mentioning that the PAL UK model did not feature the TV/VCR button. Only the US and Australian versions had this feature due to their different TV transmission systems and requirements.

Features included:

  • Front loading
  • 14 day 8 programme timer
  • 12 function infra-red remote control
  • Colour picture search
  • Freeze frame
  • 24 hour clock
  • Digital tape counter with memory
  • 12 channel timer
  • Full logic soft touch controls
  • Dew protection
  • Right/left audio level indicators
  • Audio input/output connections

Sanyo produced the following advertising brochures for the VTC-M30 and VTC-M40:

VTC-M30 brochure
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VTC-M30 / VTC-m40 brochure
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Thanks to Colin McCormick, Noel Higgins and Kevin Lambert for help with information on this model.