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Carol Heying
Wednesday 12th May 2021
7:57 pm U.K.

[email protected]

My husband and I are looking to part with a dust covered collection of more than 1,000 uncatalogued beta tapes, 5 beta players (Sony and Sanyo) and a high speed rewind as well as a"still in the box" Sony Betacom. My husband is a retired media professor who had viewed the Beta format as superior to the VHS format when these recording media were introduced. He persisted in his commitment to the Beta format over the years and acquired quite a collection of tapes and players. He was often offered holdings from rental stores that were de-accessioning beta tapes and he purchased Beta machines for his students to use to view them. He made use of many of the classics in his lectures and circulated films of all sorts for his students to analyze as class projects. He must have made good use of them as several of his students have achieved considerable acclaim as film makers. Some have received Oscars, Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards from USA professional organizations. Please advise as to anyone you know who might be interested in these items and note that we would like them to be taken as a single unit if at all possible. The collection is in our home in Pennsylvania USA, close to Philadelphia.

Hani Michel
Wednesday 5th May 2021
2:10 am U.K.

[email protected]


I have a Sony SL-T30ME.

The transport works fine but the video is very bad.

I guess the rotary drum heads need to be replaced.

Any one knows where to buy the upper part that has the heads or the whole drum?


Sunday 2nd May 2021
12:10 pm U.K.

Has anyone got a working power supply unit for a Sanyo VTCM40 for sale please?

Many Thanks.

Noel Higgins
Thursday 29th April 2021
1:05 pm U.K.

[email protected]


Seems like you have no forward reel pickup tension there at all. You can make the mechanism load without a tape to see if the pendulum drive is engaging properly as well.

It will still cut out after a short time but you can see if the pendulum arm moves freely to engage. The drive action for forward pickup is different than for fast forward. Don't rule out the pendulum arm as a possible issue. Some of them have the end bend up and snag a spring.

regards Noel

Bob Smith
Monday 26th April 2021
10:42 am U.K.

[email protected]

HF950 on eject it leaves a loop of tape out of the cassette I have raised the motor rotor to stop it rubbing on the coils which look ok. The tape rewind seems lively enough but it stops too soon leaving the loop of tape.

Sunday 25th April 2021
2:01 pm U.K.

I'm getting a Sony C6 mk2.

I have a set of belts for the original C6.

Are the belts for the C6 the same spec as the belts for the mk2?

Robert Gennari
Friday 23rd April 2021
12:24 am U.K.

[email protected]

I have a Sony SL-HF150 and the drum motor would bind when 'play' was activated, indicating a bad Hall Sensor. I replaced the complete coil board containing the sensor and now the drum motor spins, but after 3 -4 secs the machine stops. This is in all modes. Sounds to me like a reel sensor this time. Are the reel sensors the same type Hall sensors used as in the drum motor? Does anyone know where to access these hall sensors at a reasonable price? Thanks.

Steven Roberts
Monday 19th April 2021
8:53 am U.K.


Thanks for getting back to me with a reply. I think I will park one C20 for now.

The one with the slack tape during playback I have had a look and located the variable resistor pot as shown below:-


I have tried this all the way to both full CW and ACW, but it has made little / no difference to the tape take up?

(I have returned it back to its original position)

Just to confirm here is a video of the issue:-




Noel Higgins
Sunday 18th April 2021
2:57 pm U.K.

[email protected]


I repair the drum motors by replacing the hall effect sensors. Rarely have I ever had one work again by just removing the glue.

If you have other beta machines for parts the same hall effect sensors are used in the Sanyo capstan drive motors and head motors.

They are also used in the SLC9 capstan motor which has three of them. You will have to extend the leads if you are using scavenged units.

It is quite a big job to fix the drum motor and you can easily damage the heads when you pull the head assembly out if your not careful.

For the lack of tape forward spool pickup problem you have to increase the tape tension by adjusting the pot marked torque (torq) toward the rear on the SS board which is

the second board down from the board with the AV connector on it when you turn the machine upside down and take the base cover off it.

Forward torque should be 70 gm but you can usually judge when you have enough torque by swapping between FFWD preview and play and seeing that the tape does not bundle

too much while going between those modes.

regards Noel

Noel Higgins
Sunday 18th April 2021
2:47 pm U.K.

[email protected]


I only have three new sets of Sanyo heads and they will probably be the last I can even get so it really depends on how much you want them and will pay.

Please contact me to discuss. The same heads seem to be used in all mono machines from the VTC5000 to the VTC M10 and M20 models. The M30 used a three video head disk and the M40 and M50 used HiFi heads (4 chips) and these have not been available since the mid 1990s.

I still get plenty of machines to repair, but the Sanyos don't wear out as quickly as the Sonys.

regards Noel

Saturday 17th April 2021
1:58 pm U.K.

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for a working power supply for a Sanyo VTC-M40.

If anyone has one for sale in the UK please let me know.

Steven Roberts
Saturday 17th April 2021
12:32 pm U.K.

I have two C20 's One has several issues, no head rotation (I have removed glue off HE sensor) and no FF REW PLAY operation. The other one appears to function regarding FF REW, but when in PLAY the tape starts producing slack on the right hand side of the head. If I FF while in play the slack is taken up, and the same in REW with PLAY, but as soon as normal play resumes slack starts building up in the area by the pinch wheel. The pinch wheel looks ok, although I am far from a VCR expert.

Any ideas regarding this, I assume the pendulum is functioning for the FF and REW to work.

Many thanks


Thursday 15th April 2021
10:55 am U.K.

[email protected]


Re Sanyo heads, are you willing to part with one? What model .



Monday 12th April 2021
7:23 pm U.K.


Hello Kevin, if you could get back to me when you see this i would appreciate it. thank you

Noel Higgins
Monday 5th April 2021
10:58 pm U.K.

[email protected]


I still get parts from Wes components but mainly belt kits now. I have used heads from them for a number of machines in the past and still have some Sanyo heads left.

I recently tried to get heads for the later SLC35 etc machines but there were no stocks. Same for Toshiba V31 / V33 heads.

Regarding capstan rollers, most times I manage to refurbish them by buffing up the rubber surface.

regards Noel

Will Middlemass
Saturday 3rd April 2021
4:36 pm U.K.

[email protected]


I have recently been donated a Sony C5 after years of sitting in storage.

Visually it all looks OK other than some dust.

The unit powers on, and the head drum spins, initially the eject function was stiff but this has corrected itself. When a tape is put in the machine and the carriage pressed down the head drum stops moving. Nothing else happens, the loading belt is intact but there is no motor noise. I am able to lace the tape by manually rotating the loading ring. After rotation, this clicks into place and it looks like a microswitch is activated. At this point nothing further happens.. None of the play, forward, rewind buttons facilitate anything.. The machine is silent.

If I press eject a motor (loading) sounds and the loading ring returns to the start position although a little sluggish, I guess the belt does need replacing..

Could anyone advise why the tape doesn't lace when inserted and why the machine is effectively dead at this point? I am thinking switches, power, sensors etc.. but don't really know where to start without a Service Manual.

I have looked at the tech pages on here to no avail.. Would this be similar to the C7 and the issues with that machine shared with this??

With Thanks.


Darrell Avery
Saturday 3rd April 2021
11:05 am U.K.

[email protected]

Morning Fellow Betamax Gurus

little question here

Sony C6 heads from WES Australia for UK machines

Sanyo VTC 5000 Heads From WES Australia for UK machines

has anyone used the WES heads as they are very competitive and readily available

(have purchased 2 of each)

Are they any good ??

can someone clarify this for me at all

have purchased other hard to find parts from them (SONY Idler Arms, Sanyo Idlers - Both types , Pinch rollers, Sony loading belts ETC)

customer service is excellent

Kind regards


Noel Higgins
Wednesday 31st March 2021
11:20 am U.K.

[email protected]


This is a test message. I used the normal link I previously used so if it works then it seems normal.

regards Noel

Wednesday 31st March 2021
8:49 am U.K.

[email protected]

Are people still having difficulty trying to post? I have not been able to recreate any problems so if you are having problems, please could you submit details of what is going wrong using this link:


Noel Higgins
Sunday 21st March 2021
11:08 am U.K.

[email protected]


Test message. I could only post this when I used the link you gave me.


regards Noel

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