SL-C9 ACE assembly This is the ACE (Audio, Control, Erase) block used in the SL-C9 / SL-C20 / SL-C24 / SL-C30 / SL-C40 / SL-F25 / SL-F30 / SL-HF100 / SL-HF150 / SL-HF950.

It can often become excessively worn with old age. When this happens, not only does the sound suffer but also the machine can fail. A common symptom is that the realtime tape counter is not counting. This shows that the control track is not being correctly read.

SL-C9 ACE assembly

SL-HF100 chassis sub assembly This is the reel chassis sub assembly from an SL-HF100. A similar chassis is used in the SL-C9 / SL-C20 / SL-C24 / SL-C30 / SL-C40 / SL-F25 / SL-F30 / SL-HF150 / SL-HF950.

The nylon bearing wears with use causing the take-up reel to stop rotating and hence the VCR to stop functioning. To repair, the whole chassis must be replaced.

SL-HF100 chassis sub assembly

Original SL-C9 DCDC convertor This is the original DC-to-DC convertor found in the SL-C9 which is highly prone to failure causing no florescent display or tuner. When the unit fails, it is almost impossible to fix and a full replacement is needed. Sony upgraded the design to one containing holes and polished metal. Unfortunately Sony no longer stock it. This new version also fails but is easy to repair once opened. This is done by replacing the reservoir electrolytic capacitor inside.
Original SL-C9 DCDC convertor

SL-C9 head motor This head motor is brushless using the Hall effect. It is used on all Sony models post SL-C9, eg SL-C20 / SL-C24 / SL-C30 / SL-C40 / SL-F25 / SL-F30 / SL-HF100 / SL-HF150 / SL-HF950.

The white area on the right hand picture usually contains glue. If the unit is damp this glue will become conductive and cause motor to stop rotating. It is recommended to remove this glue.

SL-C9 head motor

SL-C9 complete drum assembly Comprising the spring assembly, upper drum, disk assembly (holding the heads), lower drum, head motor and shield.

This complete unit can be replaced, although care should be taken to ensure that there is correct clearance (0.3mm to 0.6mm) between the shield and the rotor of the head motor when replacing.

SL-C9 complete drum assembly

Pendulum Idler Assembly This is the part of the video used to transfer drive to the cassette reel spools. It swings from either the supply or take up spool depending on the direction of the tape.

It is used in the SL-C9 / SL-C20 / SL-C24 / SL-C30 / SL-C40 / SL-F25 / SL-F30 / SL-HF100 / SL-HF150 / SL-HF950.

It is often prone to ceasure and was very cheap and relatively easy to replace. Unfortunately the part is no longer available from Sony.

Pendulum Idler Assembly

Sanyo motor This is the reel drive motor used in the VTC-5000 / VTC-5150 / VTC-5300 / VTC-5350 / VTC-5400. It is used to drive the reel spools via an idler assembly.

If you experience reel drive problems, first replace the idler. If the problem persists, then try reducing the value of the series resistor for a lower value (eg 1R2). If this fails to cure the problem, the motor will probably be at fault.

Sanyo motor

SL-C6 belt kit The SL-C6 contains many drive belts which are used in the mechanics of tape transport. With age these belts become slack causing malfunctions and when this happens the whole lot should be replaced.

A similar kit is also used in the SL-C5 / SL-T7 / SL-T9 / V-5470 / V-8600 / VTC-9300 / PVC700 / PVC740.

SL-C6 belt kit