Toshiba 1978
Betamax V-5250

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V-5250 front flap controls
Clock and timer controls

V-5250 interchangeable RF unit
Interchangeable RF unit

V-5250 top controls
Top controls

V-5250 tuner controls
Tuner controls

The V-5250 was the first Betamax model produced by Toshiba and was a clone of Sony's SL-8000 model. It was one of the so called 'piano key' early models. It was a very advanced VCR in its day. The model shown here is the Australian version having a VHF TV output module fitted for Ch1 with Ch0 being another module option. NEC also produced a clone called the PVC-2300.

At the rear of the machine it has video inputs and outputs via BNC connectors and audio in/out via RCA connectors. It also has a mains voltage selector.

The V-5250 was a very basic VCR. It had no cue/review controls but did have pause, albeit with muted video. It did have a mechanical tape counter as well as a one event timer.

Looking back now it appears to be a massive, heavy old fashioned machine and is really only of interest to collectors.

Features include:

  • 8 channel tuner
  • 'Piano key' style controls
  • Interchangeable RF module (at the rear)
  • TV / line selector
  • Tape counter with reset and memory controls
  • Mic input

Our thanks go to Noel Higgins for supplying the information on this model.