Toshiba 1983
Betamax V-51

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Toshiba Betamax V-51 timer controls
Timer controls

Toshiba Betamax V-51 tuning controls
Tuning controls

Toshiba Betamax V-51A TV/VTR button
TV/VTR button on the V-51A

The Toshiba V-51 was a fairly simple model, but more compact than its predecessors the V-31 and V-33. The model shown here being the V-51WS (the WS being the South African version).

Like the V-31 and V-33, the V-51 was able to sense when a video input is provided and automatically switch from tuner to AV input. Most other machines have manual switching between the two modes. The V-51A model though has the TV/VTR button.

The timer controls are directly on the front right of the unit providing a simple one week one program timer function. There were 8 channel buttons that are set using the controls under the top flap.

It has a digital tape counter, with an AM/PM clock.


  • Digital tape counter / clock
  • 8 channel controls
  • One week / one program timer
  • TV/VTR button (V-51A only)

Many thanks to Noel Higgins for the pictures and information on this model