Toshiba 1983
Betamax V-33

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Timer controls

Rear view

Tape counter

Tracking and connectors

The Toshiba V-33 was a basic model with a good pedigree. The model shown here being the V-33A (the A being the Australian version).

Both the V-31 an V-33 were unusual in the fact that they sense when a video input is provided and automatically switch from tuner to AV input. Most other machines have manual switching between the two modes.

Both machines were also marketed under the General brand name, however whilst the General versions were electrically identical, they had a recast plastic front panel giving the General models a distinctive look.

It was the successor to the V-31. Unlike the V-31 it has more black plastic on the front panel but internally is almost identical to the V-31.

The timer controls are hidden away behind a flap on the right hand side of the unit. These provide a simple 1 program timer function.

It uses a simple mechanical tape counter which is driven off the pickup reel.

Many thanks to Noel Higgins for updating the pictures and information on this model