Toshiba 1983
Betamax V-51

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Toshiba Betamax V-51 rear view
Rear view

Toshiba Betamax V-51 inside view

Toshiba Betamax V-51 underside

No picture

This VCR suffered from bad head wear. If you are getting a distorted picture then be sure to check the head.

No reel rotation

This can be caused failure of capacitors in the servo circuit.


The V-51 model had fewer belts to service than the V-31, but they are still a maintenance issue. The rubber belts, drive belts and drive reels tend to stretch and harden over time and can cause these machines to fail in a similar manner to the Sanyo and early model Sony machines.

Reel drive motor

The reel drive motor begins to generate noise when they are badly worn which is seen as random coloured dashes on the playback video. Additional filtering by adding ferrite inductors to the motor's input lines can reduce the problem however replacement of the motor is the best cure. The motor can be seen in the lower right hand side of the underside of the machine.

Loading failure

Check the worm drive coupling to the metal shaft. This can split over time.

Quick fault guide

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