Toshiba 1980
Betamax V-8600

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8600 video head block
4-head block

Tape transport is sluggish / fails to rewind

Internally the VCR contains many drive belts which are used in the mechanics of tape transport. With age these belts become slack causing malfunctions and when this happens the whole lot should be replaced. In particular for the rewind function you will need to replace a tyre on the supply reel.

Audio not erased when recording

The bias oscillator had a tendency to fail in this model.

Service manual

A PDF service manual for this model is available from: Free Service Manuals

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Drive belts slack on my Toshiba V-8600BNew drive belt kit (SL-C6) I think, for my V-8600B, sorry to bombard yourselves with emails as well, just glad you are there and I might be able to get it going again after all this time its been in my wardrobe.
Best regards and nice site,
Pete Branson, email address - [email protected] ,I need the belt kit SL-C6 please
DN Indicator Flashes Or Not WorkingCheck R816 (15 Ohm) Intermittent open circuit.
No Colour On Pause, Cue And Review ModesReplace X204 Comb Filter And Check L209.
No EjectCheck R561, Re-solder Dry Joint On Yellow Lead (pin 3) Of Solenoid Drive PCB.
No Colour On Its Own Rec. Pre Rec. Play OkCheck Cx130 (ic202) (no Pilot Burst) If Ok Check Ic204, Q228, X204.
Intermittent Clock Display After Set Warms Up (1 Hour)Check 4mhz Clock Crystal Xx01.
Drum Motor Stops During Play - IntermittentReplace Q510.
Wont Load TapeReposition Loom To Cassette Detect Switch.
Set Laces Up Then Stops. Won't Unlace. (TOSHIBA V8600B)Check After Loading Switch If Ok Change Remote Control Logic Chip Tvh202.
No E.ECheck Q661 Is Leaky.
Reverse/Forward functions not workingCheck the start and end sensors levels at TP601 & TP602 they should be 3 volts peak to peak. If not suspect IC605.
No colour in still, cue or review modesIf the output of pin 6 of IC204 can't be set to 600mV using R255 then suspect delay line X204.
No E-E picture or 12 volt supply lineCheck R839 which is a fusible resistor 22R.

Many thanks to James Copp-Taylor for providing information and picture of this model