Sony 1983
Betamax BMC-200


Belt rear attachement
Carry belt rear attachment


The BMC-200 was the fist Betamovie VCR to incorporate digital auto focusing.

Omega Wrap

Omega tape wrap system which takes up a lot less space than a conventional Betamax deck. Omega wrap reduces the size of the video head drum by employing a second set of video heads which are used to record alternate frames of picture information. This was later to be adopted in camcorders of other formats.

Superior Picture Quality

A second thing to note is that the Chroma and Luminance video information is at no point within the BMC-200 combined as composite video. This means that the BMC-200 was able to treat colour and luminance information separately which resulted in superior picture quality.
NP-11 battery
NP-11 battery


The unit is powered by a compact NP-11 battery (weighing 12Oz) located in the carrying handle.

Other features

The BMC-200 has a F1.2 Lens with 6X powered zoom, a built in condenser microphone, Automatic White Balance and a pivitol optical viewfinder which incorporated 4 LED indicators.

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Outer casing colour differencesThe outer casing was a dark pewter grey, as opposed to the 100's light silver to distinguish between models. The same for the Sanyo versions.