Toshiba 1982
Betamax V-9600

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V-9600 Toshiba Betamax rear view
Rear view

V-9600 Toshiba Betamax inside view
Inside top

V-9600 Toshiba Betamax underside view

Sluggish tape transport

Internally the VCR contains many drive belts which are used in the mechanics of tape transport. With age these belts become slack causing malfunctions and when this happens the whole lot should be replaced.

No E-E sound

This is usually caused by failure of the TA7607AP FM sound decoder IC. It is IC002 on board U001.

Failure to load a tape

The cassette carriage can fail to operate. This is caused by breakage of the plastic gears in mechanism. When this happens they have to be replaced.

Tape fails to thread up

This problem is usually caused by failure of the loading belt. The best cure is to replace the belt.

Quick fault guide

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Not recommendedThis is a truly awful beta vcr from Toshiba.The V31b was a nicer machine ( but suffered premature head wear).
I have seen the picture results and the monstrous mechanics in this model.
AVOID at all costs.
Rifa X2 capacitor smokeReplace the RF Noise Suppressor Capacitor with a new one. The old one in the PSU are old and cracked.
Replace this with new; X2 0.1µF 250V Capacitor, Wima or Rifa.
Tape does not load properlyReplace the Cam Belt, on the loading mechanism.
To replace the belt, loosen the cam motor assembly, with one screw.
Shift this and replace the belt.
No torque in Rew e FFwd mode, poor Playback TorqueThe best solution, is to replace the idler tyre.
To replace this, remove the front loader with 4 screws.
If a new idler is not possible to find, rejuvenate
the old with water and thin sand paper.
Perfect with a PCM AdaptorThis V-9600 is a perfect companion for all PCM Adaptor.
Noise in Rewind modeIf you hear a pulse noise in rewind mode,
check the upper cylinder. Remove the upper cylinder,
and resurfaced it with metal polish.
After this the VTR, have a fast Rewind torque.
Pay attention, when re-mounting the Upper Cylinder,
don't loose the path alignment.
Drum motor continues running after ejectCheck pin 7 of IC601. If there is no change of state on eject then replace IC601.
Mechanical noise on play, threading and eject operation rapid14v power rail up to 22v due to faulty Q902.
Cassette will not load or ejectCheck QL83/84/85/86 mounted on the subpanel behind the cassette compartment.
Hum bars or thin lines moving vertically on pictureAdd 0.1μF capacitor from the base of Q008 to the tuner chassis.