Sanyo 1984
Betamax VTC-M10

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vtc-m10 rear view
Rear view

Fault and repair guide

No reel rotation

This is a very common problem which plagues all Sanyo machines and can have several causes. The first thing which fails is usually the reel idler assembly. Replacement units are readily available and can be fitted easily after removal of the cassette carriage. Next thing to check is the drive belt connecting the motor to the idler assembly. Finally suspect failure of the motor itself.

Quick fault guide

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Loss of audioCheck C08 (2.2uF 50V) in the audio block for O/C
No rewind and no forward. Eats tape when ejectingReplace all belts and renew the idler and small belts too.
Wrong values not 2.2 uF but 22uFThe capacitor is not 2.2uF but 22uF 16v