Sanyo 1984
Betamax VTC-M20

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VTC-M20 rear view
Rear view

VTC-M20 inside top view
Inside top

VTC-M20 inside front view
Inside front

Fault and repair guide

No reel rotation

This is a very common problem which plagues all Sanyo machines and can have several causes. The first thing which fails is usually the reel idler assembly. Replacement units are readily available and can be fitted easily after removal of the cassette carriage. Next thing to check is the drive belt connecting the motor to the idler assembly. Finally suspect failure of the motor itself.


These machines develop rubber belt and drive wheel wear and ageing issues similar to the Sanyo models and the rubber stretches, goes hard or cracks causing drive, tape load/unload and control issues. They can usually be restored to service with a new belt kit and a good head clean.

Playback interference from the reel motor

Another common issue on these machines is a worn or faulty reel motor. The motor starts to generate small arcs internally which are picked up by the sensitive video head amplifier circuits via the power supply. These are seen as random coloured dashes on the playback video. Adding extra capacitors and high current (low resistance) inline ferrite beads inline with the motor supply wires can partly reduce the problem but replacement with a new motor if you can get one is the best fix.

Quick fault guide

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Poor sound especially at recordingFailure of the sound processing IC noticeable during recording only.Also check first the head is clean and the azimuth is giving the optimum response.