Sanyo 1984
Betamax VTC-M10

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Tuning controls

VTC-M10 Basic Manual Cover
VTC-M10 manual

The VTC-M10 colour video cassette recorder is a very nice looking, remote control, front loader from Sanyo. It did not have many advanced features such as trick playback modes but was a good basic machine comparable to the Sony SL-C20 series.

For some reason there were not many sold in the UK market and finding one today is very difficult.

The picture shows the Australian version as the UK model did not have the front remote control socket (on the bottom left) and the colour around the tuner and clock/counter buttons is slightly different too.

This model was part of a line up that included the M20 and the more advanced M30.

Features included:

  • Soft touch controls
  • 8 day-1 programme timer
  • Tape counter with memory
  • 12 channel tuner
  • Colour picture search and freeze frame
  • Video and Audio input/output connections
  • Dew protection

Sanyo produced the following advertising brochure for the VTC-M10:

VTC-M10 brochure
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Our thanks go to Ron Humphris, Noel Higgins and Kevin Lambert for supplying the information and pictures on this model.