Sony 1987
Betamax SL-S2000

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SL-S2000 inside view

Fault and repair guide

Poor picture/colour

The machine is marked as a super beta however they can develop colour record/playback issues and seem prone to poor head life.
SL-S2000 worn loading gear
Worn loading gear

Failure of cassette load mechanism

This can be caused by failure of the worm drive motor shaft plastic coupling. The plastic coupling cracks as it is prone to do as the machine ages and the hardened plastic is put under stress. As this is an identical motor/coupling to that on the Sony SLV777 and Sony SLV815 VHS edit machines which were much more common they can be the source of a replacement plastic drive if necessary. Alternatively it may be possible to drill and pin the coupling to the shaft provided that the coupling is otherwise mechanically intact.
SL-S2000 power supply
Power supply - showing the STK 5478 regulator

Power supply

The power supply uses a unique STK 5478 regulator which is no longer in supply, so repair may be difficult with the availability of a spares machine. Power supply capacitors should be replaced if when checked they exhibit high ESR. (internal series resistance)
SL-S2000 syscon chip
System control CPU (CXP5058H)

System control CPU

The SYSCON chip (CXP5058H) on this model was one of the ways Sony simplified the cost of production and manufacture. They do sometimes fail and repair can be quite difficult. The main problem is that it is necessary to first determine if it is a mechanical issue or an electrical (control) issue, when they go haywire. The chip expects to be in a certain mode when switched on, if the unit is not in this state then tapes will get mangled.
SL-S2000 rear view
Rear view

Quick fault guide

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Information ChassisThe SL-S2000 use, the last Betamax chassis made by Sony.
The 711B3 Chassis; the most advanced and fast chassis,
but fragile at the same time.