Sanyo Motor
This is the reel drive motor used in the VTC-5000 / VTC-5150 / VTC-5300 / VTC-5350 / VTC-5400. It is used to drive the reel spools via an idler assembly.
It is often prone to failure causing the tape to jam in the machine or the fast forward and rewind operations to perform badly or not at all.

Note there is a curious bug in the VTC-5000 micro controller logic which in the event of a tape transport problem causes the video to go into play mode before shutting down. This bug was fixed in the VTC-5150.

If you experience reel drive problems, first replace the idler. If the problem persists, then try reducing the value of the series resistor for a lower value (e.g. 1R2). If this fails to cure the problem, the motor will probably be at fault and needs a replacement.