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PALsite Chat Page Guidelines

The PALsite chat pages are a moderated chat forum where enthusiasts can openly share their interest and thoughts regarding the various video formats featured on PALsite. PALsite takes its name from the PAL video system that is used by the video systems.

While topics and opinions will not be governed, please understand that personal attacks, deliberate misinformation and irrelevant posts may be removed at PALsite's discretion.

Posting messages to these chat pages is generally a matter of common sense and courtesy and users should be able to use their own sense of what is appropriate to guide their behaviour.

The chatpage system being used makes use of a cookie to store the name and email address that you choose as part of the registration process. This cookie is not used in any way for tracking purposes and is only used to avoid the need to reregister or login for each posting.

Please be respectful to your fellow participants at all times. Try to write and speak as you would wish to be written and spoken to. There will always be some issues which each of us feels strongly about and upon which we will never agree, so please "agree to disagree", or just walk away from the discussion. Do not make personal attacks upon others and try not to respond to personal attacks.

Not all these guidelines will work for all situations so please use your discretion.

When you post a message, it will be read by a variety of people, on a variety of computers. Please be aware of this and be considerate towards your fellow users.

When you send a message, you are doing it either for the benefit of the other members, or to gain benefit from the other members. Please bear this in mind.

It is common practice that messages sent to a closed mailing list should not be forwarded without the author's permission.

Don't Flame - A flame is when you call someone names, are overtly rude, or blatantly sarcastic or condescending. It looks immature and unprofessional.

Anything worth saying can, and must, be stated in polite terms. Remember that a large audience will see your messages, so be careful what you write.

Also remember that people may keep a copy of your messages and your messages will also be archived. So your words could be stored for a very long time.

Complain to the list owner, not the list - If someone sends a message that seems to be in questionable taste or of dubious relevance to the list, Please do NOT send a complaint or comment to the whole list. Contact PALsite [email protected]

The authors of PALsite do not accept responsibility for any transactions entered into as a result of material on these pages. All transactions are at the risk of the parties to the sale.

About the content of your message

Use a valid and active e-mail address through which you can be contacted.

Try and make your message descriptive and succinct. Write relevant messages - Please make sure that your messages are relevant to the list.

If you reply to a previous message, your reply should contribute something to the discussion. Don't send messages saying 'I agree' etc. You should also not send messages purely to point out other people's errors in typing or spelling.

Don't quote an entire message when replying - It is a good idea to quote part of the original message so people reading your reply know the context. However, quoting the entire message is unnecessary, as everyone on the list can view a copy of the original message. If your own contribution is smaller than what you are quoting, you are probably quoting too much. UK copyright law allows quoting of short excerpts with proper reference to the author.

Don't post large messages - Keep your messages short. Anything over 100 words counts as long.

Only use plain text - You should only use standard keyboard characters. Don't use (£) signs, write pounds instead. Don't use foreign characters or ASCII art. Please do not make postings USING ALL CAPS. In Internet etiquette, this means you are shouting.

Posts which contain advertisements for related commercial products or services by the providers of those products or services are welcome.

Enthusiasts are welcome to make third-party recommendations about suppliers and businesses.

Frequently asked questions

Where have the messages gone ?
Messages are periodically archived into a separate file, which speeds up the loading of the pages. Please see the Archived Pages for older messages.

If the current board is empty, this can be a result of a heavy SPAM attack on the board, forcing all of the current messages into the archive. The SPAM entries are then removed, leaving an empty board.

Where have last week's messages gone ?
Messages are periodically archived into a separate file, which speeds up the loading of the pages.
I just posted a message but it didn't appear
The web server has probably written your message to its internal hard disk, in in which case other people see it straight away, but sometimes you yourself will not see it until the next person has posted.

If the post contained offensive material, it might have been automatically removed.

I tried to post a message but it said 'Already Posted'
If you're trying to resend a message because you think it didn't go through, it probably did (see above).
Someone posted something really obscene
Email PALsite so it can be taken down, this is usually better than giving the person the satisfaction of a response.
I tried to email another chat person, but the mail was returned
The other person may have typed a nonsense email address, or they may have just typed it wrong. You may consider posting a message asking for the original poster to provide a new e-mail address.