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Sunday 28th May 2023
8:58 pm U.K.

Again me. To finalise the subject of vtc9300 i have to say i remade again the belt with an old rubber from bicycle wheel. This is more elastic thant the original so i made it a little smaller. (230mm folded) and now works good. the picture is fine and there is no bounce (caused for excess of tension in the capstain belt)

Sunday 28th May 2023
12:39 pm U.K.

Correction: "now with the taut belt the image its good but bounces like five milimeters horizontally "

Sunday 28th May 2023
12:35 pm U.K.

Hi Again. So David, are you Spanish ? What a english name you have! :)

About my vtc9300p now the taut belt the image bounces horizontally. What do you think, master?


Saturday 27th May 2023
10:30 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Thomas Rand perhaps the pinch roller and / or the capstan are bad

I have little information

Do you can to use the English?

Thomas Rand
Thursday 25th May 2023
7:28 pm U.K.

[email protected]


Jeg har en sanyo vtc5000 betamax

Jeg spole et b�nd igennem med billed p� lige pludselig stoppede den med at k�re

Jeg kan sagtens f� b�ndet ud og har pr�vet at s�tte b�ndet ind igen og trykker p� play den k�rer b�ndet p� til hovedet og viser billed p� tv i 2 sekunder og g�r ud

Men den kan sagtens spole frem og tilbage uden problemer og jeg har pr�vet flere b�nd men det er det samme problem

Har i et forslag p� hvad der kan v�re galt

Mvh Thomas

Wednesday 24th May 2023
2:46 am U.K.

[email protected]

I put here a pdf file from a Spanish shop of Video Heads, today don't sell video heads

Appears the references of the videos and images of the machanical and the heads

The most vhs but too Beta


Tuesday 23rd May 2023
5:25 am U.K.

[email protected]

Miguel, I am from Santander (Spain)

The speed of the tape was more slow, by this reason appeared the noise

I clean the rotative heads with the vcr with the power supply disconnected

I put with alcohol a fragment of cloth with a finger and I put in the drum without move the finger

Only move the drum in the sense of turn (the same of play)

I don't remember if is clockwise or couterclockwise

But the tape play from left to right

Monday 22nd May 2023
2:06 pm U.K.

About my problem with the sanyo vtc9300p. I found the solution.

The problem was there wasn't enough tension in the capstain's belt. I cut one more piece and glued it together and now it works great.

Thanks anyway David. I hope this help someday to anybody.

Sunday 21st May 2023
7:41 pm U.K.

Thank you David!

Now after this afternoon i retry the test but with worst results. I made a new video. I think could be a capacitor or some electronic component wich works pseudowell when its discharges and not workingt when its charged. I really dont know. This is the new video .... https://youtu.be/vFtDKP8QORQ

Miguel, this tv is of tube?

-Yes, it is

-Is connected by video

Do you test with differents cassetes and tvs?

- Yes, with all of them its the same. each 10 seconds it goes to a 3 secs of noise, and its a loop.

- In The last test i can not see anything, but if i unplug it and try tomorrow it will works like before.

Do you clean all the heads?

- Not really, because im afraid to broke them. anyway if the image works 10 seconds i think the problem is not of heads, isn'�t ?

What happen in pause?

- The pictures goes to black, and sometimes it flashes to white, but i can not see picture. You can see in the new video.

What happen with you move the tracking?

- This morning the tracking looks like it working, but does not fix the problem.

Do you move screws of the heads or guides?

- No

This vcr worked well sometime?

-No, i got it this days and after big cleaning im trying to come back to life.

Was repaired sometime?

- I dont know.

Someone changed something small or big?

-First time i turn on, in the servo board, a 4700uf capacitor burnt with smoke, i changed it for a 5500uf. that is the only change.

Thank you again from marbella, andalucia, spain. :)

Sunday 21st May 2023
7:16 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Miguel, this tv is of tube?

The non tube tvs are very demanding with the video signals, better test with a tube tv direct by video / audio inputs

Is connected by video / audio or RF?

Do you test with differents cassetes and tvs?

Do you clean all the heads?

What happen in pause?

What happen with you move the tracking?

Do you move screws of the heads or guides?

This vcr worked well sometime?

Was repaired sometime?

Someone changed something small or big?

Sunday 21st May 2023
4:41 pm U.K.

Hello. Im talking about a vtc9300.

After cleaning, greasing and tightening belts the reproduction is good, but every 10 seconds the image goes to noise. If I leave the video in playback every minute that passes the frequency of error is less. I have read the whole forum and I have not found anyone with my problem, please, some expert who can guide me?

I made a video to show you the problem:


thanks in advance.


Sunday 21st May 2023
2:37 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hello, someone know for that videos is this head?


Saturday 20th May 2023
6:26 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hello everybody betamax fans. Okay, I change new video heads to my Sony sl-c9. Picture is now very good, no transverse interference stripes. But now the problem is the still image where it is snowing? What is problem? I think is it upper drum? Please can anyone help.

noel higgins
Tuesday 16th May 2023
2:49 am U.K.

[email protected]


Sorry I am so slow to respond, I have now visited the site for a while. No I have not solved that HF950 problem with fast capstan.

It sits there as a possibly spares machine as i have a few for repair.

regards Noel - Betaheaven.com - Australia

Conrad F
Monday 15th May 2023
8:23 am U.K.

[email protected]

Good morning, I have a portable Sanyo VPR5800 that doesn't display colour in PLAY mode with known-good tapes, but does pass colour to the composite output when the colour videocamera is plugged in. Due to the difficulties of working on such a cramped machine, and the unavailability of the specific service manual, what would be the most similar Sanyo VTR in terms of chroma circuitry to this portable unit, with an available service manual that could be used as a guide? Does anybody know a typical fix for this problem? Thanks!

Monday 8th May 2023
7:03 pm U.K.

Hi Daniel,

The problem with your HF100 is that head drum and capstan are both running very fast. Hearing the head motor revving up is painful. The problem is documented on the technical page. PS001 is open circuit on the YC panel

Kevin L
Thursday 4th May 2023
11:44 am U.K.

[email protected]

Daniel :

Looking at your video ,the head drum disc is spinning and so is the capstan.

The issue looks to be either the reel table take up or the capstan is turning to fast.

There is a way to check this without a tape inside.

There is a small black/pin/lever switch.If you press this down,without a tape inside.It should enable loading to take place.You can then press PLAY and see if the reel drive pendulum is making contact with the right spool.If it's not then we can go from there.


Ben ogley
Tuesday 2nd May 2023
10:29 pm U.K.


Hi, I have a Sony betamax c7, it powers up, plays ejects, gf, rw etc but before I attempt to play anything in depth I was looking for a service on it.

I�ve seen a few ads on eBay with people who seem to have gone to some effort to restore them and was looking for this service of any one has any leads please

Mehrdad (Murdock)
Tuesday 2nd May 2023
8:37 am U.K.

[email protected]

my best regards to old vintage Betamax VCRS fans:

As a matter of fact I have superbetamax sl-700me mkiii as you know this model is designed for middle east at the moment I had the problem with its capstan motor due to leakage of smd on capacitor on other smd resistor and capacitors it makes the soldering pads are lifted and it seems to be the IC cxa 1251 sony is defective now there are bunch of questions I have

1. can I do some modifications on the superbetamax sl-s2000 but in middle east is sl-200 me mkiii capstan and apply on sl-700 me (7systems)

have ever done that as you know the number of pins are different sl-200 capstan is 8 pins and sl-700me is 9 pins

2. or do you know any equivalent components for sony Ic cxa 1251

finally what do you recommend ?

Thanks million from from all betamax vcr fans

please you have any experience please send me to my email or mention in chat page

take care

Daniel Z
Saturday 29th April 2023
2:03 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi all

I recently acquired a Sony SL-HF100 and it was working fine until it developed a fault the same day. Playback, Fast-Forwarding and Rewinding cuts off after 2-3 seconds and when playing the tape loosens.

Video of the problem.


Wondering if it's a simple fix or a complex fix?

Many thanks

Daniel Z. Australia

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