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Fault and repair guide

No reel rotation

This is a very common problem which can have several causes. The first thing which fails is usually the reel idler assembly. Replacement units are readily available and can be fitted easily after removal of the cassette carriage. Next suspect the drive belt which connects the ideler to the motor. Finally the motor itself is prone to failure.

No tuner input

This is usually caused by failure of the RF combiner / splitter unit. Unfortunately it is not easy to repair this unit.

Timer and/or standby LED fail to illuminate

This is caused by dry joints where the LED are soldered onto the front PCB. In order to gain access to the PCB you'll need to remove the front panel and the servo board on the LHS of the deck.

VCR tape transport is sluggish

Internally the VCR contains many drive belts which are used in the mechanics of tape transport. With age these belts become slack causing malfunctions and when this happens the whole lot should be replaced.

Quick fault guide

Quick fault guide

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Stops in PLAY/FF/REW after 2 secondsTape counter not running. Check the two belts connecting the take-up reel to the tape counter and replace them if necessary. The same applies for the models VTC 5300/5330/5350/5400/5410 and the portable VPR-5800. NOT for the later models VTC 5000/5550/5150/5250 nor the front loaders.
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