PALsite has expanded from it's begining as Betamax PALSite to include V2000 PALSite, U-matic PALSite, and Betacam PALSite. All based on the same style we hope that these resources will prove a valuable source of information and contacts about the various formats.

PALsite is the prodigy of Alan Barnett and Martin Evans. It has been built up over time and is dedicated to supporting and promoting the PAL video format. All original material is © Alan Barnett and Martin Evans unless stated otherwise and should not be used without permission.

Betamax PALsite first went on line in April 1997 at and shortly afterwards moved to occupying webspace donated by Elektratec and Bob Armstrong. In December 1998 PALsite moved to it's own domain and became and In september 1999 was also aquired.

The Chat Pages were originally hosted by but in August 2015 was rewritten by Martin and is now hosted within

Help PALsite Alan and Martin are always pleased to hear from anyone. Please feel free to contact us any time and if we can help we will. Contributions to PALsite are most welcome and will be included with pleasure. Many thanks go to Colin McCormick, David Hayes, Harri Asunta, John Fabianski, John McCabe, James Copp-Taylor, Bob Tomalski, Bob Armstrong, Hamid Khan and anybody we have forgotten to mention for their help.

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