Sony 1979
Betamax SL-T7

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SL-T7 timer controls
Timer controls

SL-T7 front flap
Front flap

SL-T7 110v - 240v
110v - 240v capable

SL-T7 tuner controls
Tuner controls

The SL-T7 is a multi-standard version of the SL-C5. It was capable of 3 colour modes of playback operation - SECAM, PAL and NTSC 4.43 (Beta II only) and two 2 modes of record operation PAL and SECAM, which made it an extremely advanced VCR for its day. It came with a VHF/UHF tuner but was not capable of receiving SECAM-L transmissions.

It had a "unique" black and white picture search, an audio dub feature, and came with a wired remote control - RMT-75. It was also able to connect to a Beta camera using the k-connector camera socket.

It was able to operate on 110v - 240v.

Features include:

  • Audio dub button/light
  • Camera connector
  • Colour system indicators (SECAM/PAL/NTSC)
  • MIC jack
  • TV/TAPE selector

SL-T9 vs SL-T7
SL-T9 (top) compared with the SL-T7 (bottom)