Sanyo 1984
Betamax VTC-M20

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The VTC-M20 is a very nice looking, remote control, front loader from Sanyo (the Australian 'AS' model is shown here). It did not have many advanced features such as trick playback modes but was a good basic machine comparable to the Sony SL-C20 series. It included features such as a tape remaining indicator, soft touch controls and a loading indicator.

For some reason there were not many sold in the UK market and finding one today is very difficult. The United Kingdom 'UB' model can be seen in the advertising flysheet below. The UK model was in a dark pewter grey with blue eject and yellow pause buttons. The channel,clock/ counter buttons were black. It also did not have the TV/ant switch due to the different TV requirements from country to country. The remote control always matched the colour of the vcr.

This model was part of a line up that included the M10 (a basic Sanyo Beta front loader in silver) and the more advanced M30.

Features included:

Advertising flysheets

Following are the original Sanyo advertising flysheets for this model.

VTC-NX100 and VTC-M20 brochure
VTC-NX100 and the VTC-M20 - Click to enlarge

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Many thanks to Colin McCormick, Noel Higgins and Kevin Lambert for additional information for this model.