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Jon Lipman
Wednesday 29th March 2023
5:29 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hi, I just found our 35-40 year old Sony Beta Camera bmc 200. I also found tapes wed made. QUESTION: can I view the content of a previously recorded beta cassette on the camera , view finder ?

Thanks ANYONE !

noel higgins
Tuesday 28th March 2023
10:41 pm U.K.

[email protected]


Regarding the SLF30 drum motor problem which is common to many later model Sony VCRs.

I am in Australia, so assisting you in person is not possible but I can walk you through the steps necessary to do the repair.

In summary you will need to take the whole drum assembly out of the machine extended on the leads but with the head cable being disconnected being careful not to touch/damage the video heads.

Top of the machine.

remove the white plastic assembly with the small spring tape edge tensioners from the top of the drum.

Bottom of the machine.

Remove the nut on the drum magnet.

Remove the drum magnet. Magnetic force offers a lot of resistance. ( I use a suitable size stainless steel pipe clamp around the magnet in order to grip it and pull it off)

Keep the spacer washers in a safe place for reassembly

Remove the three screws with washers and springs on them holding the drum into the chassis

Place the Machine right way up or on it's edge.

Carefully lift the drum assembly out of the machine having got as much slack in the cables so that you can

undo the two screws holding the circuit board mounting from the to bottom of the drum. Break the glue bond as necessary

unclip the plastic holding the wires neatly and remove the boards for repair

Replace the hall effect sensor making sure to clean away any residue of glue where it was mounted. (the leads generally hold it in place well enough)

Do the reverse of the above procedure to reinstall

Cross your fingers, hold your mouth just right and test the machine.

Good luck!

regards Noel Higgins (Betaheaven.com)

Tuesday 28th March 2023
3:04 pm U.K.

erg[email protected]


My Sony SL C30 video works in black and white.

What motherboard model YC41 should I change.

The recommendations for the YC25 panel do not fit my device.


Thursday 23rd March 2023
7:19 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hello everyone!

I found a sony betamax sl3000 (the portable) and am really looking forward to seeing it work. I have changed the straps and inside is very clean. The problem is that I can't get it to turn on. I have connected a 12 volt and 3 amp power supply to the internal connector of the battery after reversing the poles but I cannot get it to turn on. I have tested 2 fuses and they are fine. I have disassembled it a bit and checked the components of the board that connects to the power cable but I have not found any defective component. So for now I can't move forward. Does anyone know where to get the service manual? or any trick for this problem.

Thanks in advance.Miguel

Ken Domminney
Thursday 9th March 2023
11:06 am U.K.

[email protected]

Reference: Sony SL-F30. Head drum failed to rotate, only trying with a judder. 'Parts - Head Motor' guidance suggests Hall Effect Sensor, . Managed to remove locking nut but no further. Now in my 85th year, and still hands on electronics is my hobby. I am seeking a capable enthusiastic Betamax fan to help rectify the apparent fault in line with advice published. Ideally that person to live in the south, i.e East/West Sussex areas. Any other areas considered. Expenses met. Much appreciated.

Wednesday 8th March 2023
5:36 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi all,

I have a betamax SL-HF950. I have a problem with capstain motor. When I playback the tape the capstain motor speed is faster then reel motor and as a result the tape is eaten. Any idea of what could be issue ? I have already done some component changes but i can not solve this problem.

thanks a lot for your suggestion.


Friday 3rd March 2023
6:41 pm U.K.

[email protected]

im looking for the Sony SL-5400 or5600 NTSC betamax VCR user primary manual in english can anybody can send me an pdf or jpeg to my email please? i cant locate for free on the internet

any upload will be aprreciated

Billy Young
Friday 24th February 2023
2:26 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Sorry guys wrong chat,

It's not Betamax,

it's Betacam

Billy Young
Friday 24th February 2023
2:23 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi Guys,

My first Post here,

Does anyone know if the Sony UVW-1800p Betamax Recorder,

can play PAL & NTSC small BetaSP tapes,

or is there a hidden Menu option to change NTSC to PAL ?

Many Thanks in Advance

Sunday 12th February 2023
9:05 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hello all. I realise that this is primarily for PAL related Beta issues, but can anyone on here supply the full Service Manual for the NTSC model Sanyo VCR4400, including the PCB layouts and wiring diagrams? PDF version preferred, but am in the UK if posting a paper version is the only option.

Many thanks.


William Bartkowiak
Monday 12th December 2022
12:49 am U.K.

[email protected]

Has anyone run into a Sony SLHF series (I'm working on an NTSC SLHF550 us model that when mains are applied the Display shows the clock briefly ( 1 or 2 seconds) then all the segments and characters illuminate? No power up or other actions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'll rebuild/cap the Power supply tonight,STK5441 type regulator etc.

noel higgins
Tuesday 6th December 2022
2:50 am U.K.

[email protected]


That was me. See https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184959499080

cheers Noel

Wednesday 30th November 2022
6:58 am U.K.


Hallo There, I downloaded a Toshiba V9600 Service Manual, but cant find the timing settings. I accidentally loosen the wrong screw on the deck, and found out later that the timing is totally out. Who can help me to reset it, please.

Saturday 26th November 2022
10:05 am U.K.

Hi all

If I recall correctly a year or so ago there was a member on here selling some Sony C9 front loading gears that he makes himself? Is the member still on here, and do you remember who it is please?

Many thanks.

noel higgins
Thursday 24th November 2022
12:11 am U.K.

[email protected]


The HiFi is recorded on the tape diagonally along with the video signal via a second pair of heads on the the rotating video head disc.

Because the HiFi is recorded deeper on the tape, when the heads wear HiFi is the first thing to drop out, but first you notice the range of the tracking control over which the HiFi works gets less and less.

The reasons for no HiFi playback are many apart from the front panel sound selector switch not set to auto so mono only sound is played.

Faulty/dirty heads, tape pass alignment, tracking control not set correctly, circuit board faults on the HiFi board.

First start with looking to see there is no damage to the heads and if not then clean the heads very carefully so as not to damage the heads.

I hope this helps. Sometimes it can be more obscure issues like the HiFi pickup coils at the top of the video assembly not being set correctly or having one pickup open circuit. (Yes it happened once to me)

regards Noel (Betaheaven.com - Australia)

Sunday 20th November 2022
11:26 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hi, I have a Beta hifi machine model SL-HF100. it plays tape normally, but no hifi audio even playing tape that recorded in hifi. and when I tried to recording from EE, the hifi indicator is lit, but if I play it back the tape on this machine, it plays picture and audio, but still no hifi audio (hifi indicator off, only linear audio can be out).

What can I do for that kind of issue..?

Thank's for the advice.



Johannes -- Germany
Wednesday 16th November 2022
9:29 am U.K.

I am trying to digitize only two old Betmax Cassettes. As it is not worth to buy a Betamax player/recorder, I am looking for a company who rents players. I found one in Hamburg, but living near Stuttgart, this is also not possible.

Anyone reading here has an idea if there is a company around Stuttgart, Germany who is renting Betamax Players for PAL?

Thanks in advance, Johannes

K Lambert
Tuesday 1st November 2022
2:50 pm U.K.

[email protected]


ANY resistor that is fusible MUST be the exact replacement. It's down to safety of the design and product/user.

The mains filter capacitor did fail regularly and took out the fuse. This was common to a few beta vcr's of that time.

The clock control capacitors are usually going bad now too down to how long these vcr's were left in standby and used.

What issues were you having,Sporadic functions or nothing at all?


Michael Gamble
Sunday 30th October 2022
3:17 pm U.K.

[email protected]

My Sanyo VTC5000 (bought new in the mid 1980's) just having power problems. I am hoping I have sorted this out after replacing the STK7216 three times!!! It seems to be PSU R5207. I have bought replacement, but it is NOT "Fusible" Is this feature vital? All set to switch on - but having second thoughts!! 30/10/2022 Michael G

Wednesday 26th October 2022
5:39 am U.K.

Many thanks, Fivos!!

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