A Classic brought back to life


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Current Beta Machines: SL-5400

Back in 1982-1986, my parents would watch movies such as "Poltergeist" or "Young Frankenstein" on their neighbor's Betamax. About 5 years later, my parents told me about those times, and Beta's better quality. I realized it was a classic too good to pass on. So, the search began. 1 year afterwards, I began to lose hope. Then, in a T.V. store I found this little ol'SL-5400 just sitting there. My mom let me buy it if I got a haircut. Since then I've picked up movies like "Gremlins" or "The Karate Kid"movies, and taped things like "The Simpsons" or "The Pink Panther". I'm very happy with my collection. LONG LIVE BETA!
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Submitted 3 Aug 1999 23:00:46 GMT