Darn was that a BetacamSP tape I used

Tom Siomopoulos

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Beta machines: Sanyo VTC9300, Sony SL-HF100

Howdy all,

Yes I'm the proud owner of two beta machine, the Sanyo VTC9300 & the Sony SL-HF100. As you may already know the picture quality of these two just blow me away everytime I play/rec tapes on them. I went to a flea market one day and some guy was selling 15 Betacam SP tapes, and not knowing about the metal formulation and what it can do to the heads, I used them on the Sony. Well at first I was breathless, the picture quality was 10 times clearer, and decided that these are the tapes to use. After about a months use of these tapes I started to notice the Hifi sound was affected (usual annoying buzzing sound, that always starts from the right channel), and then picture dropouts (or picture muting as I like to call it). After cleaning the heads and adjusting the unit so that I can squeeze out everything the heads had left, the Hifi sound was restored to about 90%. I guess I should have read the information on this website first. Does anyone have replacment heads for the HF100? Pl! ease reply to my email address if you have any because I think Sony don't anymore.

Tom Siomopoulos.

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Submitted Mon, 19 Aug 2002 06:15:00 GMT