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Tarik Iqbul

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I have for many years scoured the car boot markets in search of used betamax machines and tapes. I have usally found that both are hard to come by, but some might find the following ammusing.

Earlier this year, I attanded a regular car boot sale, and one seller was selling VHS tapes for 5p each, he was not selling many. The next week, the same seller was selling the same tapes, with a sign on the tapes, 5p, buy one, get one free, which I found ammusing, the next week, the same seller was there , with a sign saying, 5p, buy one, get two free. now this did cheer me up quite a bit. on the fourth week, there he was again, but with no VHS tapes. I asked if he had sold them all, and he told me that he was so fed up bringing them to the market, and selling so few, that he had dumped them in a skip. and to me, this is where all VHS tapes and machines should be.

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Submitted 16 Oct 2010 09:22:04