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Tarik Iqbul

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Current Beta Machines: SLO1700, C9, C5, C6,C20, C30, C40, SLF1,VTC5000

Having purchased my first Betamax in 1982, I have been using it until now, with over 1000 tapes, and more than 20 machines in working order, and some in reserve for spares. I have travelled many many miles to pick them up, usually winning them on E-Bay.

It is a format that I intend to keep alive for as long as I am. To me, the Betamax system was always a cut above anything else on the domestic market, even today, I believe that it outshines many of the so called video recording systems about today. although parts are getting hard to find now, as the system was taken off the market around 1987 in the U.K. so its a question of stripping old machines to repair others.

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Submitted Tue Oct 12 21:25:01 2010