I'm Not the Only One!

Stewart Belfield

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Current Beta Machines: SLUBC9 (3) SLUBF1 C20 and various top loading machines

I am new to the net and thought I would try searching the word Betamax. Most expecting a Sony Page stating "old format that no-one other than Stewart still uses". Well I was Extremely glad that I am not the only one and I can now cancel the appointment I had made with the local doctor.

I have been looking for a Super Bata model for years and the PcmF1 digital unit to go with my F1. I know its highly unlikely but please mail me if you know someone who is selling one (UK PAL)

Does anyone know if you can still obtain NP1 batteries fot the F1 model? " " a reliable company for repair and spares? I hope to hear from someone soon.

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Submitted Sun Jul 6 04:55:37 1997