A 15 year old's love of Beta

Rob G. Riccardelli

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Current Beta Machines: Sony SL-2501

My name is Rob G. Riccardelli and I am 15 years old. My father brought home our first Beta machine just before I was born and got rid of it in about 1985. I have always been interested in Beta because of its great picture. The first and only video that I ever had a chance to compare to VHS was "Back To The Future." In 1985 it was thrown out. Leaving me never to hold a Beta machine until today, July 14, 1996.

For the past year I have been asking everyone that I knew if they had any beta machines because I got a job and now could afford to buy some cool stuff and on the top of the list was a Sony Betamax. So, today my father dropped me off at the local computer store (I hang out in there 5 days a week, so they know me pretty well). I was having the works done up on my computer and we started talking about Netscape 3.0 Beta5 and then it hit me. I never asked them if they had any Beta machines. It just so happens that they had a Sony SL-2501 sitting in the box of a Sony SL-2406 on the windowsill. I have given them some old modems and scanners in the past so they told me that I could have it. I almost couldn't contain myself! Then I found out that the owner of the store has 4 other Beta machines and he bought the entire Beta collection of the local video store, and I could have those too! Just this night I bought 4 Beta videos and after 11 years my first love has come back in full force.

Well, I could've sworn that ol' Marty was trying to get back to 1985 in "Back to the Future," but maybe I've got my dates mixed up. When you get to be my age, maybe you'll have that problem too, Rob. But you've got a full five years before that happens.

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Submitted Sat Jul 13 22:09:08 1996