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I went into this site looking for blank beta tapes and found these stories concerning beta players. So, I thought I'd share this interesting bit with you.

I bought my betamax in 1985 when I was stationed overseas. It played great and continues to work well. I have had the thing serviced only one time for a head cleaning and that was back in 1986. The tapes I rented off base while stationed in the Phillipines really took their toll on the beta heads.

When I came back to the US and had to buy a VHS (due to lack of beta products) the betamax usage dropped from 16 hours a week to around 10 per week. I still use it to record various programs each week. Eventually it will need some work done to it as the heads are getting dirty and during the tape ejection process, the gears grind. Also the fact that I need to find a source for new beta tapes (if they still make them) is becoming more important.

But the best part of all is, the batteries I am using are the same Japanese batteries that came with the player when I bought it 12 years ago! I wonder what the record is for longest lasting batteries....


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Submitted Sat Jun 7 21:50:22 1997