Old Troopers Never Die

Peter Chow

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Current Beta Machines: SL-F30, SL-F1/4000 cam, SL-HF950

We've had a whole load of Beta machines over the years. I used to also have the C7 but it was a bit cranky and after fixing it up I sold it. The others are still going strong (the F30 and the F1 both had their PSUs blow up though).

The 950 is still a great machine 12 years on - great trick play and sound quality.

I don't use the F1 at all now as the batteries died and it was WAY to heavy. It still works though. The camera was nice, I miss shoulder-mount cameras...

I have to admit that I don't use them much now. The 950 does duty playing back my 200+ tapes and bides it's time for transferring the Beta material to digital video. Although I do all my new recordings on S-VHS it's kind of a stop gap while I wait for affordable re-writable DVD (another 5 years...)

Beta lives. VHS is shit. S-VHS is a bit smelly. MPEG-2 RW-DVD is the future!

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Submitted Sat Jul 19 03:10:00 1997