Oh to play my Betamax tapes again!

Blakeley Lad

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Current Beta Machines: SL-HF100

I find myself just reading the faults and repair tricks - without having a Betamax anymore!

I retired to sunny Italia in 2002 but in 2003 my SL-HF100 kicked the bucket, leaving me with 60 plus tapes I cannot now enjoy. I had attempted to replace the (expensive) head assy - but made a cock of it. I bought a Sanyo beta from Ebay but it was mono (had not thought that of lo-fi in Mono existed...), but that had problems and so destined for the bin.

Years past I built a Williamson amplifier and went on to become a surround enthusiast, even modified his electrostatics (Acoustical Manufacturing Co) by reframing them vertical - even got away with two bass panels for centre speaker... wiring one as treble and it sounded acceptable.

I would like a working SL-950 but do not see any available - then it may well be a horrendous price! Still one never knows - some kind soul may have one that needs a loving home. They could even have a free holiday, as we have the ground floor as a pleasant apartment, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, double bunk bedroom, bed-sitting room, a nice garden, parking and half way between Rome and Florence! (just completing the mods, builders done in two weeks!).

To think, this started off with a request for a Betamax, but I got Carried Away!

Cheers (more suitable greeting as wine is so cheap here!)

Paul Nelson

Castiglione de Lago, Perugia.

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Submitted Wed, 17 Nov 2010 17:59:33 GMT