Desperately Seeking SL-HF's!

Michael Valeyard

E-mail: Rev.Valeyard*
Web URL:
Current Beta Machines: sl-hf 400, and two sanyo mono Betacords

My favorite and lonely SL-HF 400 is in desperate need of a companion, or two, or as many as i can find before its too late!!!

If i was better off, i would break down and try to find a SL-HF2000, but its slightly out of my means at the moment. So what do us Beta lovers do? We Search and Search until our thirst is quenched...

Basicly speeking, i need a couple of new machines, superbeta hi-fi units, and am willing to pay fairly for them...if anyone can help it this search, please, please, please, hear my pleas! contact me and we can do business...

Much Thanks

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Submitted Fri Jul 25 08:29:10 1997