Beta- simply Better

Matthew gibb

E-mail: alogic*
Machines: Sony SLC6AS and Sanyo top loader (model n/a)

I was too young to buy equipment when Beta and VHS came out in 1976, I was 3 at the time and dad bought our first VCR in 1980 which was VHS but even though I buy movies in VHS still and have heaps of machines, my pride and joy is the Sony C6 which I picked up from a guy last year for $50 bucks and he had just had it serviced. The heads were still in top nick and it was a real bargain. Now, my video shed is the dumping ground for a format which the common person sees as obsolete and hopeless.

I was given 400 beta movies and I scouted second hand shops for original movies and managed to get heaps for no more than $2 bucks each.

So now if someone wants a movie that I have on beta, I can transfer it to VHS for them with no quality loss and I reckon that watching a movie on BETA is much more enjoyable than on VHS.

I have been given heaps of Sanyo models but they keep breaking down, I always wanted a sony and now I have got one.

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Submitted Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 17:00:25