The SL3000

Mark Richardson

E-mail: richarson42001*
Current Beta Machines: SL3000

I used to own a Sanyo Beta when they first came out, it lasted a few years but starting eating tapes. I was young at the time and ditched it. I used VHS for years and trained myself to repair them. If I knew what I know now about VCR's the Beta I pitched years ago would have been a simple repair. Anyhow I picked up a brand new Sony Betamax SL0300, the picture quailty is so much better than VHS I'm hooked on beta. Tapes are hard to find but can be had on line cheap. I would like to upgrade to a HiFi beta perferbly another Sony, they are built to run for ever.
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Submitted Mon, 5 Aug 2002 06:00 GMT