Could it be the end of an era?

Mark Richardson

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Current Beta Machines: SL-HF400

Well, I still have my (perfect condition) SL-HF400. And still love it, although it's not had much use of late. PVR/DVD technology has taken over, I'm afraid.


There are two reasons I've kept the SL-HF400 in my stack: the HUGE emotional tug it still exerts on my heartstrings, and the original (not bootlegged) copy of The Beatles' Let It Be I have on Beta HiFi.

I've just purchased a Russian bootleg of Let It Be on DVD which is the equal of the Beta HiFi tape, and now must decide whether I can at last let go my 17 year attachment to this fine piece of machinery.

Any comments/advice/input from fellow Beta lovers?


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Submitted Friday, October 25, 2002 at 07:25:58