Getting Cheap Movies

Ken Hottenstein

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Current Beta Machines: SL-HF300(2) & SL-HF500(2) + a few others

While out garage sale shopping came accross 3 original Disney movies, Pinocieo, Dumbo and the Sword in the Stone in perfect condition for only a quarter each. The are for my 5 year old. He knows the differance between Beta and the other. My wife thought I was crazy to buy a beta in 1985. She was quickly was over come by it's quality and too is a die hard fan of it. I have other friends accross the country who still use there Betas. One is unable to find tapes so I found a SL-HF500 and 75 tapes for $9.00 at a garage sale and sold him the tapes for $15. Everybody is HAPPY. Long Live Beta!
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Submitted Mon May 13 14:13:16 1996