Cassette Cure

John Weeber

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I have found a cure for multiple problems that plagued me with all my beta machines.

Some tapes had a poor image, not just causing problems on any one machine. After several searches though the internal workings of the machine for the cause of poor playback I experimented with the cassettes (with the tape door facing away from you) and by adding a "shim" to the left "paddle". (Not having a proper name for it. The small plastic piece that engages the lower geared disk of the tape reel.) The shim should be cut from less than 1/32" plastic cut to match the square shape of the portion of the paddle where the cassette door nub strikes. File the surfaces to be bonded with a coarse file and glue together with hot glue. (Epoxy or super glue does not work) Clamp with a strong paper clamp. This cured a problem I found in many tapes including some new ones prerecorded on in this damaged condition, but usually ones that are several years old. It cures "clicking" experienced in rewind mode in the machine or on a table rewinder. The symptoms are caused by the paddle not retracting far enough to allow the tape spools to turn freely. If you check the construction of cassettes over the years (early and new) the engineering of the paddle shows evidence of being beefed up. This indicates to me the manufactures were aware of the problem for some time. This not a cure for cassettes with poor tape composition.

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Submitted Sun Apr 13 09:49:29 1997