My Beta tragedy

James S

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My story is kinda a sad one....

I am 13 years old, and I love Beta, but I no longer have a beta machine :( My parents' first VCR (and only Beta) was a old Sanyo Top Loader (I think it was a VCR 3900 or 4400 or something like that. They used it a lot, but it developed a weird 'blip' effect that happened every so often, but it barely happened and wasn't bad. But then it worsened, happening everytime a big 'blast' or effect happened on the video. Then we got VHS in the mid 80's (before I was born). We then used the 2 vcrs as a pirating device (no macrovision, or really noticable pitcture quality loss, except when a blip occurred. We continued to use our trusty old Beta until the blipping turned into terrible sequences of grey garbage on the screen for minutes at a time (only recording, p.b. was fine, ourold beta was packed away, after we transfered our beta library to VHS (grrrr) Then a few years later (1995), the beta was unpacked. It seemed like a miracle! The vcr played and recorded fine for a bit, then the recording went bad (the vcr was set up as my personal vcr, I loved it). Our beta was sold at a garage sale for a few bucks.

But my love for beta was re-kindled as I discovered the wealth of Beta info on the web, and I really want a beta again! I grew up on beta, I love it.

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Submitted Thu, 15 Mar 2001 23:39:45 GMT