Beta Fossils

Edward The 4th

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Beta machines: Sanyo 4010

Just this past wednesday, I arrived at my grandparents house, and say what looked like more tapes for may grandpa's HUGE VHS collection, when he asked me to come to his video room. He said that he needed me to help him put some tapes away, so I did. He knew I only used VHS because I didn't have a Beta deck, so I loathed his VHS passion. But to my surprise, when I walked into the room, what was on top of the TV but a couple of Beta tapes, in his VHS sanctuary (GASP!), and a quiet little Sanyo 4010, all alone with the 27 VHS decks. He said, "That Beta deck is yours. I got it from my friend Joe from work. I knew you wanted one, so I bought it for you for $25, tapes and all." Finally, a Beta player of my own. Joy! It was a big deal when I got my VHS deck in 1999 for christmas, but the thought of a Beta just blew my mind. I grabbed one of the tapes, and popped it in. The heads were dirty, so I got very little picture, but the first tape yielded Yogi Bear cartoons and a cartoon movie Rats. The second had Adventures in babysitting, and the 3 bears. The third tape blew me away. The entire 1st season of my favorite show ever, DINOSAURS! I thought that show was all but lost, but there is was. The 1st season in all of it's entiritey. It even had the old "I Feel Like Chicken Tonight" commercials with it. It was a fossil to me. The boy raised on VHS, Bon Jovi and Grandma's home cooking, could finally go home again. By now, It's getting cleaned, and lubed so I can get back my picture, and avoid the squealing noises. I don't seem to have the all you can eat tape buffet problem, but the good folks at the TV clinic can fix that if it should arise again. My main problem Is I can't find NTSC blank tapes anywhere, and I don't know where to look. EBAY just blows me off everytime I try, so Is there a stor out there that carries Beta blanks? If so E-Mail Me. Of course I mean on the net. Thanks for reading my rambings.

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Submitted Sat, 23 Mar 2002 18:20:52 GMT