The First and Only Format

David Martin

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Current Beta Machines: SL-HF900, SL-HF2100, 2700

I bought my first Betamax in 1978. It was the Zenith JR9000, made by Sony. It worked beautifully, and still does! The tuner is still one of the best I own, and the Beta-1 quality delightful. I even improved the sound quality by wiring in a Dbx unit until hi-fi vcr's became common.

The 2100, however, is now my workhorse. I archive all my 8mm video tapes on it, and watch my 300+ (and growing) beta library on it. Yes, I now have several VHS machines and enjoy the 6 hour record time, but when I want the best quality I always use beta!

I recently spent $350 to fix my 900, well worth it. No VCR before or since, with the exception of the 1000, has had a jog-shuttle dial/tuner/timer combination that has been easier to use. Today's on-screen timer settings are cumbersome and confusing in comparison. And forget VCR+.

I have tapes recorded in 1978 that still play perfectly...I wonder if the VHS tapes I'm making today will last that long.

Long live Beta!

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Submitted Wed Sep 11 20:26:25 1996