I Still Belive In Beta

David Etheridge

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Current Beta Machines: Sont SLF-100, C9(2), C20

Dear folks, How nice to find a load of kindred spirits who still believe in Beta. I've picked up several over the years and use them for both TV taping (I'm well on the way to a complete set of Star Trek Next Generation and all in stereo) and digital mastering in my studio using a PCM-601.

The SLF-100 cost me 45 (around $70) two years ago and is perfect. My C20 was given to me by my mother when she went VHS and works fine. My two problem children are the C9s: One works perfectly still but there's no front display as the DC to DC converter has gone belly up and they're no longer available in the UK through official channels. Does anyone know where I might be able to source some DC/DC converters?

The other C9 managed to mash the loading mechanism. The cogs that are included here are plastic and eventually they wear out. When I tried contacting Sony they quoted 150 ($200+) for the part!!! They were trying to 'discourage' people like me from keeping their machines going by making the parts cost insane money!! You would think that if they were trying to clear the afctory they would make the parts cheap.

So, at the moment I'm slightly stuck.

Is there anyone else out there interested in forming a Beta owners club to preserve and maintain Beta machines? There's certainly the scope and demand. I wonder how many Delighted Beta owners got pissed off because they couldn't get their pride and joy fixed.

I'll look forward to hearing from you in the future. Keep them running, and a pox on VHS!!

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Submitted Thu Jul 3 07:59:31 1997