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Current Beta Machines: Sanyo VCR 7200

Two years ago I was helping out at a community yard sale when I noticed a VCR was being sold for a very low price. All I knew was that I was looking for a VCR for my room because I didn't have one, and here was one in perfect condition. I noticed the size of the tapes, and it said beta on them, I asked a man near by what this was. There I got my first information on beta, and I got excited because this was a unique and rare item, I had to have it! Since I liked collecting rare and out of date electronics, this is the best find yet.

I visited ITV (a local television station) on an unrelated matter and found out all recordings made there, and may other stations, used beta format tapes. What was told to me there was that beta had recording qualitis far supirior to that of VHS, The Sony Store told me the same thing. Maby this VCR of mine is a better find than I thought!

My beta was made in 1984 and is in perfect condition, and came with a remote and instruction maual, all of this was only 3 dollars Canadian!

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Submitted Wed, 30 Jun 1999 23:51:37 GMT