Old Beta or New Beta?

The following submission was received without an E-mail address, so I have been unable to respond directly to it. Brian, I hope that you find this here. This is not a submission per se, but I'll respond to it here.

Brian Kress

E-mail: 102434.2707
Web URL:
Current Beta Machines: sls-600

I currently have the sls-600 but I would like to get one of the HI-FI models. I have seen the slhf-2000 in a sony store and thought it was beautiful. The guy at the store told me that they sell a lot of used beta machines. He said they occasionally get ahold of an slhf-750 or an slhf-1000. I've heard that the slhf-2000 is not as good as some of the older models. So I'm wondering if I should try to get an older used model or buy an slhf-2000 which would obviously be brand new. Does anyone have any suggestions???
Brian, I think you'll find that the rec.video newsgroup can be very helpful with these sorts of questions, as can the BetaClub Digest. You'll also likely find some of the older hi-fi decks for sale in those circles, and for mighty reasonable prices. The 750 and 1000 both have strong reputations.

- Wallace

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Submitted Thu Apr 25 12:56:59 1996